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Qualifying Race 2013

One day race


The guidelines to be followed by runners on race day are significantly different with respect to time, depending on the stage to perform, mainly in regard to time to get up and exit. Depending on the stage to cover the output can be given at 8:00 or 9:00. with the subsequent advance or delay in getting up. It is important to follow the schedule set by the organization, especially regarding water collection and entry exit zone.


6:00 AM


The organization is responsible for awakening to all participants, who may be already preparing the material to meet the day's stage.

6:30 AM -7:00 AM


Breakfast. Runners will head to the dining room where breakfast will be properly prepared and served by the organization team for this purpose.

7:00 AM -8:00 AM

  Back to the tents to fully prepare for the personal computer and rest before the start of the stage.

8:00 AM -8:30 AM

  Collection of water and energy supplements. Participants must pass through the area of mandatory water harvesting, which also will be delivered, if they so desire, energy supplements.

8:40 AM -8:45 AM

Step by output control. All riders must go through the controller of the organization that will give them entry into the starting area. It is important to follow this procedure carefully to avoid delays to the start time and unnecessary penalties.

8:45 AM -9:00 AM

Briefing on the stage. The briefings of the EVEREST TRAIL RACE are often short on time but necessary to communicate to participants the details of the stage. The languages are Spanish and English.

9:00 AM

Departure and early stage.

During the tour participants will go through the CP (control points) located every 7 or 8 km., Which collect water and aid stations. The number of CPs between departure and arrival are 3 and exceptionally 4 in one step.

Finish line and collect water. Participants arriving at the latest at 5:00 pm and will have a light lunch hour in the dining room is closed to reopen after 06:30 PM.

6:30 PM


At 6:30 pm the room will open for all runners. After dinner and take the appropriate area, it's time to be reflected in the shops in order to recover as much as possible for the next stage.