Hello everyone,

Last April 18, as you know, from the organization of the Everest Trail Race, we made the decision to go ahead with the 10th Edition of the race, scheduled for this month of November.

At the time we made that decision, the incidence of Covid 19 in Nepal was low; the official data was 40 total registered cases and no deaths.

To this must be added the closing of borders at the end of March.

In this sense, we believe that the Nepalese authorities took, in our opinion, a brave and agile decision as a containment measure, both with the closure of borders and by the lockdown of its population on March 24 when the incidence of Covid 19 was reduced less than a dozens of cases.

All of this gave us good prospects when there were still 8 months until the race.

We also thought about the Nepalese teams, as an integral part of the race, keeping the celebration of the race was also crucial for them and so they let us know, even more so at a time when the country's economy is being greatly affected for the pandemic.

In this sense, let us not forget that Nepal canceled all expeditions and trekkings last spring, which had a terrible impact on the economies of hundreds of families, which in all probability continue and will continue to be tremendously affected by the situation in the coming months.

Despite the measures taken by the authorities in recent months, unfortunately, today, the circumstances are very different from those of last April, and they are for various reasons:

On the one hand, many countries have established emergency measures in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

That is a big problem for some of the registered participants, who are either not allowed to leave their countries or are quarantined upon their return.

It is also entirely probable that in the event that Nepal reopens its borders and airport, which are still closed today, it will maintain restrictions on the entry of citizens of many nationalities, and given the international profile of the Everest Trail Race, there would surely be effects on some of the participants.

Nepal has undoubtedly been the countries around it, which has made the most courageous and restrictive decisions aimed at curbing the spread of the pandemic. All and with it, like many other countries, the data that we handle today are alarming.

For all this and much to our regret, we are forced to defer this 10th edition to November 2021.

Our first and main objective as an organization and personally as the last person in charge, is always, ensure the safety of the participants.

Those of you who have participated in previous editions know that this is the case and that is our present and future commitment, the special characteristics of the ETR require it.

That is, above all, the main reason that has led us to make this difficult decision.

I can assure you that taking it has not been easy at all, the Everest Trail Race is much more than a race for everyone, that is why it makes us very sad to take it, but we are convinced that it is the correct one.

We will contact all the participants scheduled for this November 2020 in person during the next few days.

As for the runners who had planned your participation for 2021, tell you that the available places will open shortly, as soon as the participants of this 2020 confirm or not their participation in 2021.

I hope and wish to meet again in 2021 and to be able to personally give you all a hug. This 10th Edition was especially important to us and it will be the same in November 2021.

In the meantime I send you a big hug from here and I wish you the best in this immediate future, not easy and tremendously uncertain for everyone.

Thank you to all.