Participant in the EVEREST TRAIL RACE must have full knowledge of the risks that implies a race of these characteristics and assumes that he/she takes part under his own responsibility.


We must not forget that the ETR is set in a mountain environment and this implies the inability to use land transport vehicle for any eventuality. That is why all participants in the EVEREST TRAIL RACE must have accident insurance, rescue and repatriation in which is stated to cover the rescue helicopter and mountain races. Only available for Spanish residents.  


The organization recommends to buy cancellation insurance due to force majeure before departure. Participants may wish to purchase a cancellation insurance covering repayment of the total amount paid in case you can not travel, driven by an event of force majeure as follows:

Illness (when involving hospitalization or an imminent risk of death) to the exclusion pre-existing conditions at the time of accession, accident or death of the insured, family relatives or second degree first (spouse, parents, children, brothers and sisters, grandparents, grandchildren, brothers, son, daughter or step-parents) Only available for Spanish residents.



Usually, standard cancellation insurances does not consider as “force majeure” the runner’s physical injury caused during training practices or participation in a race. ( Medical report Mandatory)

  1.            Cancellations till 21:00 h. (Spanish local time) on day 31th June: 100%
  2.            Cancellations from 1th July to 1th October , total refund except 600 €.
  3.            Cancellations from 2th October , not refund.
95 €

CANCELLATIONS without guarantee

Cancellations between registration opening and 31/4, refund of amounts paid, less 450 € cancellation fee.

Cancellations between 1/5 and 31/6, refund of amounts paid, less 600  cancellation fee.

Cancellations between 1/7 and 31/8, refund of amounts paid, less 850 € cancellation fee.

Cancellations between 1/9 and 1/10, refund of amounts paid, less 1,200  cancellation fee

Cancellations between 2/10 and the day of departure is not repaid any



The refund not includes the amount of insurance contracted in some ways.

The insured must submit the original and dated attesting to the fact motivates the activation of the coverage (medical certificates, hospitalization, deaths ..),as for cancellation insurance due to possible cases of force majeure such as Warranty for reimbursement by sports injuries.