Jase Bhajyang. Second consecutive victory by the catalan runner of The Elements that strengths his leadership in the king stage of the race. In the women's category Manu Vilaseca keeps her leadership after the victory of the Nepali runner Purnimaya Rai.

The 24km were very hard and tough. The second stage of The Everest Trail Race by The Elements was the main stage. The athletes needed to overcome 3.500, of elevation gain without any flat section. They step into the roof of the race, the Pikey Peak summit at 4100m of altitude. After leaving Bhandar the runners started a downhill of 600m towards a nearby valley to reach one of the lowest spots of the race. After crossing a river they started to climb a savage climb of about 16km with 2600m of elevation gain all at once, without having any rest, to reach the Pikey Peak at 4100m height. Once reached the top of the race they ran a very technical descent until the 3500m of altitude, to finish the stage with a last climb of 500m, which definitely ends with the participants strengths. The second stage is a very exhausting day until they reach the 3750m of altitude; where the campsite was located, as well as the finish line od the second stage.

The Catalan runner Jordi Gamito of The Elements team got the stage's victory with more than 42 minutes of advantage to the second runner, the also Catalan Joan Soler. In the third position Sergio Arias stopped the time after 48 minutes and 22 seconds of the leader. Gamito have come very strong to the Everest Trail Race by The Elements and he already has an advantage of more than 1h of difference with the second classified.

Within the women's category, Purnimaya Rai won the triumph of the second stage after overtaking Manu Vilaseca who was running in first position. The Brazilian runner of The Elements team keeps the leadership but only with 3:50 minutes of difference with the Nepal runner. The British Rebecca Ferry, who participates in the Everest Trail Race for second time, arrived in third position.

The climate conditions were perfect during the morning, but started complicating during the day with clouds and fog in the Pikey Peak area as well as the lower trail, which had some ice sections. However, the control of the participant's movements and the increased safety by the direction of The Everest Trail Race by The Elements allowed that all the runners and staff reached the finish line without any risk. The third stage between Jase Bhanjyang and Karikhola will be the longest of the race with 37,4Km and 6.631m of elevation gain.


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