Kharikhola (10-11-18) The runner from The Elements Jordi Gamito has reached his third consecutive day as a leader after winning the third victory. Change of leadership within the female category, Manu Vilaseca is now in the second position in the general classification, which is led by Purnimaya Rai, who has won today's stage finishing in Kharikhola.

The night in camp has been very cold. The thermometer has reached the minus 8-degree Celsius. The warmly dressed runners have rested in the tents to face their third day in the competition. Toda's stage was 37km with an elevation gain of 6631m, with more downhill slope than uphill. The participant's muscles have resisted 4.110m of descent in the difficult terrain of the Himalaya. If the second stage was tough because of the great uphill to Pikey Peak to 4.100m, today a lot of runners comment that the stage was even harder. The participants have spent the night almost at 4000m, and this fact, without any doubt, affects their physical performance in this third stage, as some of them have small problems to sleep.  The temperatures are clearly lower and even the starting briefing has been developed in very low temperatures. The runners have asked to gather around the kitchen's fire to listen to the race's director’s instructions for the stage.

After crossing the starting line, the runners have faced a small uphill of 200m reaching the 4000m. After that, they have started running downhill in a very technical trail crossing through an amazing and impressive forest, after which they have found the CP1, 1000m down. After this section, the runners have faced a very technical trail along small villages up to the 1500m, the lower part of the stage. It must be highlighted the 4.110m of downhill sections along all the stage, to mention one: the descent of about 10km between the km 21 and 33. In The Everest Trail Race by The Elements even with short distances, the sections are very tough and demanding, and the runners start to feel some problems due to the high altitude and the demanding trail.

This stage's climate conditions have been a bit more complicated that stage 2. The day was cloudy and the runners have faced the stage almost without seeing the sun. At the end of the stage, it has rained a lot. Jordi Gamito of The Elements team is the runner who has dominated the stage again and has won today stage with the finish line in Karikhola. Second position for Joan Soler and Sergio Arias with a 39 minutes difference from the first, after running all the stage together. The runner from Platja d'Aro becomes clearly the leader of the race at half the stages done, with more than 1 hour and 45 minutes of difference with the second runner from Madrid, Sergio Arias. Eleuteri Adelantado is in third position 2hour and 30minutes at 3 stages for the end of the race.

In women's classification, the distances are much tighter. The Nepali runner Purnimaya Rai has got the victory and is leading the race. The member of The Elements team Manu Vilaseca is in the second position with just 1 minute and 39 seconds gap. The British Rebecca Ferry is third in the general ranking at 1,5 hours. Tomorrow 4th stage of The Everest Trail Race by The Elements, between Kharikhola and Phakding, with 27km of distance and almost 4500, of elevation gain.


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