Fourth consecutive triumph for the Catalan runner who is getting closer and closer to absolute victory in her list of honours. The Nepalese Suman Kulung also gets the fourth stage victory and keeps the leadership.

Day of active recovery by the participants of the Everest Trail Race by The Elements after the fourth day after 3 very hard days. A total of 27.5 km between the Buddhist monastery of Kharikhola and Phakding with 4,330 metres of accumulated difference in level. The participants started the stage with a vertiginous descent down the stairs that allow them to leave the monastery and finish on the path that led them to the Kari La. It is the most demanding point of the stage: 800 metres of positive difference in level that almost immediately after the start has again tested the strength of the runners in a very hot day with the thermometer at 25 degrees. Almost on the same hill, after a climb with a lot of dust, stairs and cattle for the transport that passes through the area, the runners have reached the first checkpoint. After this step they have descended again 500 negative meters during 9 km by a broken ground by the effect of the important transit of animals. In fact, some runners sprinted to get in before the mules and yaks on Nepal's iconic suspension bridges because the rhythm of the loaded animals is slower than the tired bodies of the Everest Trail Race by The Elements participants. Gerard Morales (The Elements) himself has passed under the loads carried by the animals that occupy the entire width of the narrow bridges so as not to waste too much time. The Catalan rider has reached the finish line second and also maintains the second place in the general classification led by the Nepalese Suman Kulung after winning today's stage for the fourth consecutive day. Same situation in the female category with Anna Comet (The Elements) who has added the fourth stage victory, maintains the leadership and is only 2 days away from achieving the absolute victory as she did in 2014 and 2015. In this stage race in the Himalayas all participants have agreed on the goal by describing the beauty of the fourth day which has also produced a very special moment. In the Phakding camp, the runners have met the family and friends who take part in the trekking that the race offers in parallel. A lot of emotion and charged batteries for the athletes who will face the fifth and penultimate stage of the Everest Trail Race by The Elements between Phakding and Tyangboche with 32 km of route and 4,500 meters of accumulated slope.