On Sunday the trail running race starts with 6 stages, 170 km and 26,000 metres of elevation gain in the Himalayas of Nepal!

Imagine that today is the last day you can take a shower in a conventional toilet as you are about to take part in a competition in the place where the highest and most beautiful mountains in the world exist. In the Himalayas of Nepal, in the Solukhumbu region, there are no luxuries for the participants of the Everest Trail Race by Tuga, who from Sunday will share with dozens of runners a personal experience that will last a lifetime. The race, now in its eleventh edition, generates an attraction for the runners that makes them return to a race where they have to carry everything, they need on a technical level during the 6 days of competition (sleeping bag included). The race proposes the daily route, solid and liquid supplies and a camp at the end of each stage where they sleep in a tent with lunch, dinner and breakfast, and a shower after the daily effort with a bucket of water. ... Advendure

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