Phakding (11-11-18). Fourth victory for the Catalan runner, widening the gap in the general ranking. Jordi Gamito of The Elements team, when only two days are left fot the end of the race has more than two hours of advantage with the second runner Sergio Arias. The female runner Purnimaya Rai gets the victory and consolidates her leadership in the women's category.

The runners arrived the race's starting briefing to the fourth stage exhausted and dirty, showing that after three days and more than15.000m of gain elevation is no easy game. With no doubt the last three days, especially the last two, have affected participants physical and mental conditions. The fatigue increases constantly day after day becoming normal and common physical problems between them. Moreover, the cold and cloudy climate conditions of the last stages have increased the adventure’s toughness. We remind that this is a self-supported race, where every participant carries his own backpack with all the mandatory material, except food and water that is offered by the organization. Clothes, sleeping bag, and all the necessary materials needs to be carried every day.


Today's 27,5km stage between Karikhola and Phakding, with 4.454 of elevation gain, Jordi Gamito from The Elements Team repeats and proves to be the strongest overall runner, being at just two days of becoming the first non-local runner to achieve the victory and therefore about to be making history after 8 editions at the Everest Trail Race by The Elements. The starting line, located at an amazing place at Karikhola's monastery, is also where the runners spent the night before at the campsite. After a trepidant downhill through the monastery's stairs the runners continue the track towards Kari-la, the challenging section of today's stage, with 800m of positive ascent where every runner must defeat their tirness and physical problems to accomplish its summit. Being a very demanding ascent full of dust, stairs and burden beasts that transit this area. The second women in the ranking Manu Vilaseca of The Elements team, who has never run a multi-staged race, explains how “it is frightening to see animals with huge horns. When you cross them in front of you, face to face, as in a bridge, you must wait until they cross by patiently event do it takes quite a time, even if it takes half an hour. It is what it is”, Vilaseca says with a smile.

Regarding the race after loosing the leadership, the Brazilina runner explains: “I start every day fighting with no doubt, an I don't give up even though it could suppose the lost of more time”. The stage has been cold and cloudy. After a very technical muddy and sleepery downhill, the participants navigate through a terrain with constant uphill’s to finish line at Phakding. Forth day in a row, Gamito wins the stage. The also Catalan runner Joan Soler of Traça's team comes in second position 15 minutes behind, and in third position Sergio Arias from Madrid. The local runner Pasang Sherpa finishes fourth. Gamito already obtains 2hours and 9minutes of gap overall the second in the ranking Sergio Arias. Gamito explains “now it's time for keeping the time difference with no risks. I want to enjoy the rest of the race, the race deserves to be enjoyed. This is a different competition with its own charm with an incredible sightseeing terrain. I'm in love with the, race, the place, and its people. I am now wanting to come back next year”, Gamito explains with the victory in his hands. Maximum expectation between the third and fourth overall position. Eleuteri Adelantado defends his podium place with Pasang Sherpa of almost 4 minutes. Tomorrow anything could happen.

In the female category second consecutive victory for Purnimaya Rai. The Nepalese runner already has 25 minutes and 39 seconds of margin in the general classification with the second classified Manu Vilaseca. Britain's Rebeca Ferry is in third place, 2 hours and 35 minutes away. In the classification by teams, The Elements is the leader, second place for Traça-Anapurna Treks and Equip Miñocas closes the podium. Tomorrow penultimate stage with final in Tyangboche after 20 km. 


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