Tomorrow begins the ninth edition of the Everest Trail Race by The Elements in Nepal. The athletes Miguel Heras, Gerard "Blacky" Morales and Manu Vilaseca with the local athletes are the main favourites to the victory in a new, much wilder and inhospitable layout.

After 10 hours of traveling on broken roads, where they had to cross rivers and walk in the final stretch the 43 participants of the Everest Trail Race have reached the cold camp of Patale, 2.800m altitude in the Solukhumbu. When they arrived, they received the spots, the tent and took shelter inside the dining tent to chat about what awaits them in the next few days until dinner time. Tomorrow they will begin a spiritual and sporting journey through the Himalayan mountains. Nature as a patient sculptor has moulded over thousands of years the most beautiful place in the world to celebrate a mountain race.

The layout conditions are highly technical, with lots of mud, water, dust and stones. Conscientious work has been done in some areas where it has been necessary to prune by hand about 2 km of vegetation that hid the path through which the participants will have to pass. The reason was the one that the organization wanted: non-travelled areas, outside the tourist routes during the first 4 stages in this challenge for the participants and also for the direction of the race.

Meteorology is also the protagonist as it has to be added a very intense monsoon, which this year has taken some of the bridges in front of it. Tomorrow first stage between Patale and Dimise-Chorten Digma with 25 km of course and 3.625m of accumulated slope. The Everest Trail Race by The Elements is going to have 170 km with 26,000 metres of accumulated difference in level. It will be 12 km more distance than previous editions and 500 meters more slope. The data as always gives respect: 13,500 meters positive and the ceiling of the race will be at 4,104 meters of altitude.