Anna Comet's exhibition in the first stage of the Everest Trail Race by The Elements after winning and leading the race. Miguel Heras from Béjar finished second in the day.

The Catalan athlete Anna Comet (The Elements) is looking to win the Everest Trail Race for the third time. The first two victories came before she became a mother last year. 15 months later she is still at the highest level of sporting demand breaking where for decades it was written that a woman sportswoman to be a mother had to give up sport because they are two worlds incompatible. More and more sportswomen are struggling to reconcile sport and motherhood. The athlete from Vic works very hard to continue in the elite and show who doubted her and also the women who try that it is possible, without losing their identity for being a mother. The first competition took place on the day her son Gil turned 3 months old. And she won. Today, in the first stage of the Everest Trail Race by The Elements between Patale and Dimise Chorten-Digma of 25 km, she has won ahead of the runner of the Elements Manu Vilaseca team and the Catalan athlete Núria Sánchez.

In the male category the local runner Suman Kulung has obtained the triumph. Second position for Bejarano Miguel Heras who has just won Ibiza Trail at the end of October and third position for The Elements Gerard "Blacky" Morales team. Tomorrow is the second stage with a finish in Pungmuche after 25 km of demolition. The participants will leave the camp at an altitude of 2,906m and will chain 7 km uphill to reach the top of Pikey Peak at 4,100 metres. It is the highest mountain of the race they will climb. Then descend to 2,800 meters to get back to 3,800m and link a long descent of 1000m negative slope without pause and face a final climb to the finish line at just over 3,000m altitude.