The runner from Béjar is the leader of the competition after the first exhibition. Jordi Gamito finishes the day in third position.

The roadbook of the first stage marks 23 km and 2,563 metres of accumulated altitude difference in a route that has been done in a mainly agricultural region outside any tourist route. Due to its complexity (there are no clear paths or marking points), it was the most difficult stage of all the editions for the organisers to guide the participants with the visible markings. In addition, given the impossibility for the runners to buy water or food if they run out of food during the stage, as there are no establishments as in the more touristy areas, the competition rules have incorporated this year, in order to avoid risks, the obligation to collect water and energy supplements at the various checkpoints. 

Like all the participants, Miguel Heras - winner of the first stage of the Everest Trail Race by The Elements - carries a backpack with everything he needs on a personal level to face the 6 days of competition. The Salamanca-born member of The Elements team, winner of the last Ultra Pirineu, has won the first day of the Everest Trail Race By The Elements ahead of the Nepalese SummanKulung with a difference of 1 minute and 43 seconds. Heras already measured his forces with the Nepalese in the 2019 edition, which Kulung won. Both of them will meet again in an edition with a new, spectacular, hard and technical route. Jordi Gamito (Traça) completed the stage podium with the third position with a time of 2 hours and 55 minutes of effort. 

In the women's category, Argentinean María Silvina Pérez crossed the finish line with a time of 3 hours and 51 minutes. She did it with a good feeling and leaving behind the Nepalese Phurwa Sherpa, who defended the first position until the last part of the stage.  A tack with a 600m elevation gain in the last 5km and has reached the finish line just four minutes behind Perez. In third place was Portugal's Ester Alves (SWE) with a total time of 4 hours and 2 minutes. 

From the start of the first stage of the Everest Trail Race By The Elements at the Dhap camp, the runners were able to enjoy the views of some of the Himalayan giants such as Everest, Lothse, Numbur and Katang. At Chyangsyngma, where the finish camp for the first stage is set up, the runners are sleeping at an altitude of 3,500 metres, close to the expected summit of Pike Peak for tomorrow's second stage.


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