Marc Ollé (Grans Espais) and Gerard Morales (Traça) complete the podium of the first stage in Nepal. Sonia Martín (Trangoworld) won in the women's category.

Suman Kulung (Tuga Active Wear) has won 2 editions of the Everest Trail Race by Tuga (2017-2019) and as a local runner was the top favourite to win the first stage of 23 km between Dhap and Chyangsyngma. The first day was not too demanding and was a day of acclimatisation in the area, both because of the altitude (the finish line was at almost 3,500 metres) and because of the stage marking, which is very different from the western one. Here the markings are made with biodegradable paint, as the vertical strips usual in the West are an attractive novelty for the children of the area, who, seeing them on the course, would cause significant risks for the race, as they would play with them.

Suman Kulung (Tuga Active Wear) led the day from start to finish. The Catalan rider Marc Ollé (Grans Espais) lost 4 minutes at the second checkpoint and has cut 2 minutes to lose 2:19 at the finish line and arrive in second position. This first stage has shown that Suman Kulung flies on the downhills, but the other contenders for the victory also climb the steep slopes with a lot of level in their legs. Gerard "Blacky" Morales, in third place, lost more than 7 minutes at the finish.

The Spaniard Sonia Martín (Trangoworld) has broken the odds and has won the stage ahead of Phurwa Sherpa, the winner of the 2023 edition. The Nepalese runner led the day until the last climb of 4km with a difference in altitude of 1,700 metres positive in this section, when she managed to overcome and win the favourite in the first stage between Dhap and Chyangsyngma. Nuria Domínguez (Elements Tuga Wear), from Madrid, came third. 

The second stage between Chyangsyngma and Ringmo of 27 km will be softer than in the previous edition because after the descent of the Pike Peak (4,046 meters) by a technical route in a forest of indescribable beauty, the Ministry of Tourism of Nepal has renovated and repaired the road and now it is much more passable and safer. This fact means that a day that in previous editions was very demanding on a technical level is now much faster and requires the organisation to be much quicker in transporting and setting up the finish line. The first refreshment point will be located at kilometre 6.5 due to the impossibility of obtaining water and other necessary elements. The Everest Trail Race by Tuga is a 24-hour adventure.


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